VRBuffalo is a community supporting the positive and productive application of emerging, immersive technology created by STEAM specialists Alex and Nancy Fernandez in 2016.

Mission Statement: To share, promote and integrate the idea of XR to allow for greater immersion and engagement in education and workforce development. To facilitate innovation through collaboration for K-12, NPO, and Enterprise audiences.

We Think: 

Virtual and mixed reality is an evolution in media that allows for greater immersion and engagement in educational and cultural content. We also think that innovation happens through collaboration, which is why we connect with and learn from industry leaders and novice users alike. This ecosystem will evolve around the users, which is why we need storytellers from all walks of life to join us.  

We Feel: 

That the use of this technology will improve the human condition; both by increasing empathy and allowing us to enter into a space where fears and judgments are set aside and dreams take their place. VRBuffalo seeks to lay down scaffolding for a new community of makers to come together and move our region forward through emerging technology and creative thinking. 

We Do: 

Demonstrations: We will come to corporate offices, cultural events, and private parties to share the virtual experience and increase awareness of this technology.

Workshops: with youth and adults to introduce them to this medium both through experiential/passive viewing as well as creating original 360 content using special camera equipment.

Integrated Lessons inside the school day:  With years of teaching and arts integration experience behind us, VRBuffalo will co-create a curriculum with classroom teachers to find ways to integrate VR into any core subject area.