VRBuffalo is bringing spatial computing and immersive content creation to participants across WNY. By helping people have purposeful and thoughtful experiences with XR tech:

AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies.

CTE and Enrichment Programs 

Creator Programs

By targeting departments and subject areas struggling with Engagement, Enrollment, and Outcomes we can show improvement while building awareness of XR and immersive media. Our sessions will touch on the feasibility of using XR Learning as an integrated part of instruction. Hands on exposure to the Meta Quest 2 to explore interactive and collaborative design tools which apply to a variety of industries and career pathways.

VRBuffalo will set up and facilitate VR stations for immersive experiences where users will be taken through an orientation experience teaching them about the controllers. Experienced users can select from a variety of content creation tools, interactive experiences on the Meta Quest 2 devices. Various Collaborative Creation Tools are explored to create their own 3D objects and environments. Some will be introduced to hand tracking and be challenged to solve puzzles and learn how the technology can be used to support training through simulations. 

Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to greatly enhance academic enrichment by providing immersive and engaging learning experiences across various subjects. Here's a summary of how VR can support academic enrichment:

Incorporating VR into academic settings requires careful planning, investment in appropriate hardware and software, and ongoing support for educators. While VR offers numerous benefits for academic enrichment, its effective implementation should be guided by pedagogical principles and a focus on enhancing learning outcomes.

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Have a question or want to reach out - email me at alex@VRBuffalo.org